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Resiliency and Grit training through Mentoring & Leadership programs. Seasoned leaders across multiple platforms working together to provide programs for Individuals, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Churches and Community Leaders.

Community Collaboration

Working within our communities to make them stronger is a vital element of our programs. Do you have an organization that would like us to work with you?


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Spiritual Health

Spirituality is an individual as well as collective endeavor. Some choose to pursue their spiritual path on their own, while others seek the community for support.

Either way you choose- it is a part of the overall health of your life!

Emotional /Mental Health

We are what we think- and feel. If we are going to be fully healthy- we must remember that our mind is a very powerful thing- we must take care of it too!

Physical Health

The body has been called a Temple, a Wonderland, a Computer, a River a Battleground and more….

Physical Health focuses on our bodies

what are we putting in to it, what are we doing with it and how are we caring for it?


HERO BOOT CAMP : Get moving every morning with Hero Boot Camp! For those in the ATX area we meet at 0500- location moves around town to make it easy for everyone to gather. For those not in the ATX area- jump on our FB group (CLICK HERE FOR THE FB GROUP)  and every morning join us virtually via FB LIVE! There is no charge to come work out with us but everyone who wears their F7 shirt for the workout will be eligible for our bi-weekly prizes!


Join the F7 Group: Get Healthy Initiative now!

A few folks we have worked with along the way….

What an amazing day that was- it started with a call from a producer from the Queen Latifah show- they were looking for some Female Veterans to honor….

On a parallel track- we had approached an organization that gave mortgage free homes to Wounded Veterans about providing a home to a Female Purple Heart recipient….

The two tracks intersected…. and we were able to get Texas’ 1st Female Purple Heart recipient on the Queen Latifah show- where she thought she was just going to be an audience member- and BAM!- a HOME!

Queen Latifah Project
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